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How to use sublimation offset ink?

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 01-06-17
How to use sublimation inks ?

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How to use use sublimation offset ink?
It it used on all kinds of offset machine. With the ink,first print image on paper, then transfer the image onto various materials by heat transfer press, especially for polyester fabric. Under high temperature, the ink will become gas and go into fabric. It belongs to gas shading.

Use Method
Be able to adapt to the demand for middle-speed or high-speed printing.
During the normal condition, use the ink on the machine directly.

Use scope
OFFSET (one color, two color and four color machines)

The printing process just needs 3 steps
1. Print the image on paper, and normal paper is ok.
2. Put the printed paper on substrate, such as polyester and nylon fabric.
3. Put the paper and fabric on the heat-transfer machine. When the temperature reaches 180-220°C, the image will be transfer printed from paper onto the substrate.

Product Name Sublimation Offset Ink
Avaible Color Cyan , Magenta ,Yellow , Black
Shelf Life 3 years
Printing Type Offset printing
MOQ 1kg
Package 1kg/tin, 12tins/carton
Certificates REACH of SGS , DGM , ROHS , MSDS
Supply Capability 1000000kg
Conditions of transfer printing
 Fabric Name  Temperature of transfer printing  Pressure  Time
 Polyester Fabric  210-230  0.5kg/cm2  15-30s
 Polyester low flexibility Fabric  210-230  0.5kg/cm2  15-30s
 Three-acetate fiber fabric  210-230  0.5kg/cm2  15-30s
   Nylon Fabric  210-230  0.5kg/cm2  15-30s
   Acrylic Fabric  210-230  0.5kg/cm2  15-30s
 Two-acetate Fabric  210-230  0.5kg/cm2  15-30s
 Gather propionitrile Fabric  210-230  0.5kg/cm2  15-30s
Color fastness
Color Magenta Yellow Blue Black
Rank 5-6 6 4 4

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