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How to use sublimation offset ink on fabric?

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 11-08-16

Generally, what kind of ink are printed fabrics? In fact, there are many ways. If you need ink penetrate into fabric and no touch feeling, then this kind of ink will be our sublimation inks.
For our offset sublimation ink, first print ink onto bond paper or offset paper by offset machine, then transfer image from paper onto fabric by heat transfer machine. (Transfer temperature: 180-220 c degree; Transfer time: 10-30s)
Fabric printed by our offset sublimation ink is environment friendly, our ink had been passed MSDS,SGS and DGM, Quality excellent. What’s more, sublimation ink owns good washable and high lightfast.
By the way, there is a drawback for sublimation offset ink. That is: it can not be used on dark colored fabric, because it can’t cover background color. And about sublimation offset ink, no white color.
Application examples for sublimation offset ink
a. To get 50%C on fabric, the color on paper should be 30%C;
b. To make red PS-plate, the ratio is 100%M and 35%-40%Y;
c. To make blue PS-plate, the ratio is 100%C and 20%M;
d. To make green PS-plate, the ratio is 80%C and 90%Y;
e. To get yellow like Asian skin, the ratio is 10%~11%M and a little cyan. Cyan can be adjusted according to your requirement.
Transfer need:
Transfer temperature: 180-220
Transfer press: 0.5kg/cm2
Transfer time: 10-30s
Packing: 1kg/tin, 12kg/carton. Carton inside, wooden case outside ( by sea).

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