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Where do our sublimation thermal transfer ink printing on ?

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 11-08-12
Where do our sublimation thermal transfer ink printing on ?

Product application areas:

Advertising, exhibition, photography, craft products, window cloth, ceramics, apparel printing, metal printing, etc. a variety of industries.
1. Ads: for high-volume printing of flags, and banners.
2. Light industrial products: for the (shoes, hats, boxes, bags, umbrellas, neckties) printing, garment accessories, ribbon, printing and other professional fields.
3. Manufacturing: Ceramic - such as cups, plates, tiles (surface to be coated with acrylic paint drying).
4. Technology products: key chain, couple cups, mobile phone sets, pillows, etc.
5. the fabric pattern of the clothing industry transfer: printing and dyeing cloth, sportswear, swimwear, non-woven fabrics, T-shirt.
6. the printing of the surface pattern of the building and office furniture, decorative materials: wood, chemical fiber, glass, plastic and metal products (surface to be coated with acrylic paint drying), mural wallpaper.
Henan Zhongliqi Printing Material Co., Ltd mainly produces thermal transfer ink, sublimation ink, sublimation thermal transfer printing ink, offset sublimation ink, gravure, dye-sublimation ink, screen printing sublimation ink, sublimation offset ink, sublimation offset transfer ink. Our sublimation inks could be apply to the above industries.

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