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What is dye sublimation transfer printing ?

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 11-08-12
What is dye sublimation transfer printing ?

Sublimation transfer printing also known as thermal Dye Sublimation ,are made from special sublimation dyes that penetrate synthetic materials like polyester when you apply heat and pressure. During the transfer process, the dye heats up and turns into a gas that bonds with the synthetic portion of the fabric.
No other decorating process can beat sublimation for the brilliance of color and durability. Because the sublimation process dyes the fibers of a garment, instead of putting a layer of ink on top of the fabric, the image cannot crack, peel, or wear off. The trade-off with using the sublimation process is that for the chemistry to work, it must be used with fabrics that have a high polyester content (at least 50%). The more polyester in the shirt, the better the quality of the image.
In the past, nobody wanted to wear a polyester shirt because they were uncomfortable and lacked many of the desirable qualities of cotton. But today, a number of manufacturers have come up with new processes that have resulted in polyester shirts that are soft, breathable, and comfortable even in warmer temperatures. These shirts have a polyester yarn on the outside to accept the transfer and a cotton yarn on the inside for comfort. You can get these shirts in light colors only since sublimation does not work on dark garments. In fact, polo shirts are also available using this special knitting process. Sublimation transfers are widely used to decorate bicycle racing jerseys.

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