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Our Trip to YaoShan for Drifting

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 04-10-15
Our Trip to YaoShan for Drifting

In order to enrich our leisure life we went to Pingdingshan ---YaoShan. Yaoshan is famous for drifting.
The total length of rafting river is 9 km and the largest gap is 150 meters .It is thrilling stimulation because the water 
flows very eager, the drift time is about 4 hours. Watercourses is wide ,but also have narrow wadi . The widest place 
can up to 50 m, at one point is only 5 m. 

Start drifting
Before the beginning of the drift, we need to wear life jackets, put on a helmet.
We also bring the tools: water gun,  pot and so on. After everything is ready, we began to drift.

This is the most exciting and stimulating . Particularly when we drift down from above that there is a gap , the water
flow into our mouth, ears, and even swept over our body. At the same time , you will hear the sound of the scream.

Playing in the shallows
This is a relatively gentle flow of the river . We fight in water regardless of colleague or stranger , we splashing
water crazily to each other until the other side to surrender.

The collective pictures
At the end of drifting , all the staff of our company to take a photo. We really have a good time.
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