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The main function of the diluents

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 10-17-12
The main function of the diluents---offset sublimation ink,sublimation offset ink
There are two of the role of the diluents.One is that to thin the ink, to increase the flow properties of the ink;The other is to reduce the viscosity of the ink.
In the processs of printing, When the ink spent the viscous or due to the relatively poor quality of the paper,producing paper wool,plate lose and so on,effect normal printing.At this time,In addition to withdrawal thickener to reduce the stickiness of the ink, and sometimes also a small amount of a diluent may be added to reduce the viscosity of the ink. Relatively thin and sticky ink should also withdraw viscosity.
Oil ink usually use a low viscosity mineral No. 32 oil as a diluent; Resin-based ink could use a low viscosity of the vegetable , high boiling oil refining kerosene and a small amount of rosin-modified phenolic resin into the resin-based varnish as a diluents.

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