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Main Characteristics of ZHONGLIQI Litho Sublimation Ink

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 11-08-12
Main Characteristics of ZHONGLIQI litho sublimation offset printing ink

Inks suitable for the decoration of synthetic fabrics using the sublimation transfer technique.Transfer sublimation printing is a procedure in which particular dyes are first stamped on paper, or other suitable material, and with the application of heat to the printing, a mirror image is then transferred onto textile articles.
Sublimation Offset Printing Ink Characteristics:
* No Crust
a.Granula size is less than 5 micron.
b.No crust in 7 days at normal temperature.
* Safety

Passed SGS,DGM,MSDS,totally environment-friendly!
* Advantage
1. Good stability on the machine,clear dot reproduction,excellent ink-water balance.
2. Be able to adapt to the demand for middle-speed or high-speed printing.
3. During the normal condition, use the ink on the machine directly.
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