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Dye Sublimation Screen Ink (Deep Black)

Dye Sublimation Screen Ink (Deep Black)

Sublimation Screen Ink (Magenta) SCREEN TRANSFER SERIES Use Principle It it used on all kinds of screen printing machines. With the ink,first print image on paper, then transfer th...

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Dye Sublimation Screen Ink (Deep Black)


Use Principle
It it used on all kinds of screen printing machines. With the ink,first print image on paper, then transfer the image onto various materials by heat transfer press, especially for polyester fabric. Under high temperature, the ink will become gas and go into fabric.

1. Such ink non-toxic, harmless, no smell, no adverse effects on the human body.
2. Heat transfer in a variety of chemical products, polyester thin film and metal-coated board.
3. Used for a variety of domestic and imported heat transfer machine.

Make the desired text or images print on wood pulp paper or kraft paper (not including network printing), transfer immediately after drying, then can be get bright colors, clear, washable sun, perspiration friction printed fabric. (In the metal coating, use flat-plate thermal heat transfer machine).

Specific operation
Before using this ink,first stir and then use.depending on thin or thick,add water or thickener.
1. Depending on the desired text or pattern fine degree, use 120-300 mesh screen printing, per kg heat transfer ink could print 10-17 O,transfer for at least 3-4 times on the machine. Screen printing method is particularly suitable for large-scale version of Yin, male version, full real bottom multicolor chromatic printing.It surely can improve the effectiveness and reduce costs.
2. Paper requirements: Silk screen with 80 grams, 120 grams kraft paper (roll), you could transfer more than 3-10 times, not coke, not bad and not to fight wrinkles, suitable for the real printing the large of Yin version.
3. Screen printing requirements: Printing text or pattern specific, amount mesh screen should be based on the number of required transfer and transfer text design sophistication, such as using a 200 mesh screen printing can be transferred three times,but with120 mesh printing can transfer more than 4 times.

Red color ratio is 100% magenta ,35-40% yellow,after transfer ,get big red.

Positive blue color ratio is:100% green ,20% magenta, after transfer, get blue.
Positive green color ratio is:80% green,90% yellow, after transfer, get green.

Suitable Fabrics
Polyester, Triacetate, Nylon fabric, Acrylic fabric, Polypropylene nitrile.

Parameters for the Transfer
Temperature: 205° - 210° C.
Time: 35 – 40 seconds.

The following is the transfer printing parameters for your reference
Name of Fabric Transfer temperature pressure Time
Polyester fabric 205°C~220°C 0.5kg/cm2 10~30 seconds
Polyester deformation fabric low elastic 195°C~205°C 0.5kg/cm2 30 seconds
Triacetate fabrics 190°C~200°C 0.5kg/cm2 30~40 seconds
Nylon fabric 195°C~205°C 0.5kg/cm2 30~40 seconds
Acrylic fabric 200°C~210°C 0.5kg/cm2 30 seconds
Two acetate fiber fabric 185°C 0.5kg/cm2 15~20 seconds
Polypropylene nitrile 190°C~220°C 0.5kg/cm2 10~15 seconds

Dye degree:(European Standard)
Color fastness
Color Magenta(HPA604) Yellow(HPA204) Cyan(HPA404) Black(HPA804)
Rank 5-6 6 2 2

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